About Us

Thames International Finance Ltd. is a financial advisory group that specializes in assisting businesses and individuals to recover high value assets. The assets were rightfully theirs, but have been lost to the possession of government agencies around the globe. Assets that may be recovered for clients include cash, certificates of deposit, safety deposit boxes, stocks, bonds, accounts receivables, vendor over payments, refunds, and other types of financial assets. Thames uses, Eye & Stein™, a proprietary search technology to identify lost assets, maximize their recoverable value, and minimize the time and administrative effort necessary for our clients to reclaim and recover their assets.

The Thames team includes Certified Public Accountants and Chartered Financial Analysts with international forensic accounting experience across a diverse array of industries. We draw on greater than 50 years of combined financial professional experience to increase the long-term wealth and success of our clients.

Thames operates under its four cornerstone principles:
  • Maximize the value and quantum of assets recoverable for our clients.
  • Minimize the administrative effort of our clients to recover assets.
  • Minimize the time it takes to have assets transferred from government agencies to our clients possession.
  • Protect the security and confidentiality of our clients data at all times, and retain it only as required for asset recovery efforts.