Corporate Asset Recovery

Thames increases corporate profitability by identifying and recovering Dormant Assets that have been lost to global government agencies. The recovery of Dormant Assets for corporations may increase their long-term profitability by 2 to 4%. Common situations that give rise to corporations losing assets include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions activity
  • Corporate restructurings
  • Accounting and finance staff turnover
  • Periods of high sales growth
  • Major shifts in corporate strategy or business models
  • Complex corporate structures including many subsidiaries
  • Complex business models
  • Multinational presence

Thames assists corporations to recover lost assets by utilizing its experience, contacts and technology to search the globe for assets rightfully owned by the corporation. We utilize our database of company hierarchies and transactions to identify lost assets that are often missed. Thames uses an Asset Recovery Process designed to maximize the value of assets recovered while minimizing the administrative effort of the corporation’s management and staff, so that they can focus on their on-going operations.