Eye & Stein

Thames International Finance has developed a proprietary software, Eye & Stein™, which searches and aggregates hundreds of public and private databases of dormant assets around the globe. Advanced search algorithms are used to mine, examine and cross-reference the databases to maximize the volume of lost assets that can be recovered for a firm. Our software uses the latest advances in forensic tracing techniques in addition to company hierarchies and history combined with fuzzy logic principles to maximize the value of the recoverable assets for our clients.

The software has been designed to adhere to the following four principles, which Thames operates by at all times:

  1. Maximize the value and quantum of assets recoverable for our clients.
  2. Minimize the administrative effort of our clients to recover assets.
  3. Minimize the time it takes to have assets transferred from institutions to our clients bank accounts.
  4. Protect the security and confidentiality of our clients data at all times, and retain it only as required for asset recovery efforts.

Assets that may be identified by our software include lost cash, stocks, bonds, accounts receivables, vendor over payments, refunds, and court proceeds from litigation and bankruptcies.