The Thames Asset Recovery Process

  • 1. Search, Research and Locate

    Utilizing our proprietary software Eye & Stein™, Thames searches global databases for dormant assets that can potentially be claimed by the parent corporation and its significant subsidiaries. Thames researches the corporations business and history to target its searches using forensic accounting techniques. Thames issues a summarized preliminary report of its findings to the corporation’s management. The information collected during this pre-engagement process is utilized to make the remainder of the asset recovery process as efficient and effective as possible for our clients.

  • 2. Client Onboarding

    Thames collects additional corporate information and common claim documentation from its clients that can be used to maximize the quantum and value of recoverable dormant assets. The information is used to make the claim process as effortless and streamlined as possible for the corporation’s management. Clients are provided secure access to the Thames encrypted online portal to upload information and documentation at their convenience.

  • 3. Identify

    Eye & Stein™ completes an in-depth search of the global data sphere with the full set of corporate information and compiles a complete list of the current dormant assets that are recoverable for the client. Thames issues a detailed report to management that includes the listing of dormant assets available to claim by jurisdiction for their feedback and direction.

  • 4. Claim

    Thames prioritizes its claims process to claim the assets with the highest value and assets that have the highest risks of being permanently confiscated first. Complete claim paperwork is submitted in batches to the client's management for final approval and submitted and followed up upon by Thames.

  • 5. Recover

    Thames continuously monitors and facilitates the claims process with government agencies until claims are approved and paid. Thames utilizes its expertise in claim processing and global network to minimize the length of the claims process. Clients are able to monitor the status and progress of any specific claim through the Thames secure online portal from preparation to collection.

    The Thames asset recovery process is a continuous process as Thames continually monitors the updating of global dormant asset databases. During the process Thames identifies problem areas and issues regular internal control recommendation reports to management to mitigate future asset losses.